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About Us

After playing in Boca Chica for a whole winter season independent Baseball in 1999/2000 and taking

american and german teams there since almost 20 years TroskyBull Academia de Baseball S.R.L. Boca

Chica was founded in 2018 to offer the Dominican Baseball experience to anyone who is interested.

Numerous talented german, american, canadian, dutch and one Israeli have lived, trained and played

there for between 3 weeks to one year at a time. In the spring of 2021 I ́ve decided to close it down

and in August we ́ve moved the idea, cage, equipment and everything else to the north:


To Sosua – Cabarete just 15 minutes away from the international airport of Puerto Plata.

But let ́s start from the beginning. When I ́ve played in the Liga Campesina I ́ve realised what

separates Dominican players who make up about 50 % of all Minor League Baseball players from northerners....they play suave

meaning smooth, easy, relaxed and still highly agressive. I liked that and still like it.

To the rhythms of their genuine Bachata and Merengue music young dominican players work day in

and day out all year long on their skills in order to sign professional contracts, to be folk heroes and/or to escape poverty.

Dominican coaches and trainers are masters in developing the physical tools – Run Tool, Throw Tool,Hit Tool, Hit for Power Tool, Defensiv Tool.

There is no denying that adding the unique dominican sandlot - spice to your Gringo - Baseball – Style

will take your game to another level. The D.R. has produced a high number of superstars, way more

than any other country outside the U.S. and Baseball is almost the only game played on the island.


There are lots of players of all ages everywhere, in every little village on the beach or in the

mountains. Every little dominican boy dreams of being the next Rafael Devers, Fernando Tatis Jr or Emmanuel Clase.

There also lots of world class instructors who ́ve been themselves trained by mastercoaches from

early age on, which have played professional ball in the Liga Campesina, in the Dominican Summer

League or even in affiliated ball in the USA


We ́ve moved our academy from Boca Chica to Cabarete and founded

Ruiz Bull Baseball Academy

because it ́s


more beautiful in the north


Boca Chica is getting crowded with private academies


we ́ve found and bought a nice house next to the local field and close to the beach and


though we still bring teams to face the tough competition in and around Boca Chica there is

also talent galore up there in Sosua

But mainly because I ́ve found In Pedro „Patico“ Ruiz who lives in Northern Germany and trains the

Dohren Wild Farmers a great partner who stems from a big family in Sosua – Cabarete. I ́ve known

him for years and he has sent his son Jeremy Ruiz to Boca Chica and wanted to start his own academy

in Cabarete – Sosua with his cousin Alfre. We ́ve talked and decided to join forces.


The Ruiz family have aunts and cousins at the airport of Puerto Plata, in the local hotels, in the mayor ́s office and on the Baseball field. Alfre Ruiz is the third partner of Ruiz Bull Baseball Academy and runs the local Liga meaning he

trains and manages all kids in the area on the field 50 yards away from our newly fixed house. He was

and is the local coach of Cleveland superstar Emmanuel Clase, never stops to visit the rural villages of

the area in search of the next super talent. Our U 12 team just won the northern region over 3

tournaments, won $ 1000 in prize money and will represent Puerto Plata Provincia in the national

championship in San Pedro de Macoris.

Therfore anyone who is staying with Ruiz Bull Baseball Academy Cabarete will train and play together

with young dominican talents, will be coached by our highly motivated coaching staff.

This coaching staff around Alfre will work you in the dominican way influenced by Trosky Bull or DBA style.


Especially for german and other northern players it ́s of the essence to extend the summer Baseball

period, train and play when others take a break.

The more you play the better you play, the more you train the better you get, the more you think and

live Baseball the better player you become.

In the carribean it ́s hot and the Baseball season lasts all year around and it ́s affordable


$ 79 a day for a period up to 3 weeks and for 22 days or more we ́ll only charge € 59 a day because

we love Baseball and want to share our passion for the dominican way with you. Incl. Pick up from

the airport, food and accommodation, washing, practise and games and more

If you are interested or if you have any questions please contact me under

gbull ( aatt )

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